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Groupware for Outlook®: Public ShareFolder

Synchronisation for Outlook: Public SyncTool

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Common and central contacts, tasks, dates, or a central inbox. Reading and writing rights with several Users in the same time into an Outlook data file (PST).
A store provider with simultaneous access in the network. Supported also several central Outlook data files (PST), for example: archives files.
Public ShareFolder use a central installed Outlook as "Public Folders" and permits thus common information.
Groupware Solution for small medium enterprises (SME). Public ShareFolder is not a synchronisation tool, it is a Store Provider like an Exchange© Server.
Complete Outlook functionality in the "Public Folders". Forms, VBA Script. Nearly all Outlook functions were available also in the Public Folders.
Outlook 97-2007 Outlook 2007 with the new unicode PST (>2GB!) was successfull tested.
No need for Windows NT® Server, Windows Server® 2000 or Windows Server® 2003! Runs also on Terminalserver as Windows® Service!
Public SyncTool (PST): The Outlook synchronisation software for Notebooks or for Public ShareFolder as off-line folders. All relevant data are now also available, if you are not connected with your network. The Public SyncTool synchronizes PST files and also Exchange mailboxes and with a PST file.
With Public ShareFolder
you can share your
central PST files in
your company or

Public ShareFolder: Share your Outlook!

Public SyncTool: Synchronize your Outlook!

Groupware for your team. Create the transparency in your enterprise that you need and protect in the same time your enterprise information. Groupware for Outlook as Exchange alternative. You can use the additional "Public Folders", like your "Personal Folders" but they were available for the whole team, workgroup or enterprise. For every user you can select distinct rights on every folders or you can hide complete Outlook Profiles.

You can create contacts, dates, tasks or reply to central incoming emails. These items are available for all memebers in your network. No different contacts anymore, no appointment that no other knew or unanswered emails.

Public ShareFolder (PSF) can be installed on any current Windows installation.

Public ShareFolder is not a synchronisation program. Public ShareFolder saves all data "just in time" using a central stored PST file.
You want to store your company information centrally on a server? Use Public ShareFolder: the shared PST solution.

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Synchronization between Notebook and PC. Why is it normally not possible to synchronize my Outlook from my Desktop PC with my Notebook? My mobile phone can synchronize with my Outlook, my handheld PC can do this, why not one PC with another PC? All users with a Workstation and a Notebook who want to have the same data on both machines have this problem.

The answer for this question is very easy. A program is available when somebody developed this tool.
Public SyncTool is this kind of program. You can install it on all Windows Sytems, and all Outlook versions. You can select different folders that you want to synchronize. You will get an escalation inquiry before you delete an item. You can install different synchronization profiles only for contacts or for calendars.

You can use Public SyncTool as Backup system to save all your items in a second PST file. Public SyncTool is a smart program and very powerfully and the best information at last:
For licensed Public ShareFolder user it is Freeware!

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You want: You want:
to see who has when a date. to synchronize your Outlook between PC and NB
to make contacts available to everybody. an "easy to use" program.
to assign individual rights. competent and free support.
to update immediately all changes. free updates
a central inbox. to select different folders for synchronization
access from the outside (RAS/VPN). an escalation inquiry
to protect and secure your data. different synchronization profiles
an "easy to use" program. a graphic opinion, which file is synchronised
a common "Outlook Today" (OL2000). a graphic opinion which profile is used
to prevent unauthorized access. to reduces operating time and costs
a central backup. optimal investment protection
central information in your network. that only updated data are synchronised
competent and free support. Notebook synchronisation without Exchange Server
Public ShareFolder Public SyncTool
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